What Is A Cruiser Skateboard?

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What is a Cruiser Skateboard?

Skateboard or cruiser board

The cruiser is basically a compact-sized skateboard designed for riding, short traveling, and one of the most ideal options for commuting to school and college. Compare with regular skateboards, this type of board seems a bit taller and comparatively lighter than the rest. It ensures better control, smooth drive, and a quick acceleration at the same time!

Skating is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and popular outdoor activities among the people, whether you are using a cruiser, skateboard, longboard, or anything else. We almost all want to attend this activity, age indeed does not fact when it comes to skating, yes.

But when we talk about maneuverability, flexibility, and portability, the cruiser stands out from the rest. What is a cruiser skateboard? Is there really have any difference between skateboard and cruiser? Well, the answer is, “YES.” You will find a few noticeable differences between them. Make sure to read each and every part of this write-up to get clear and detailed knowledge concerning these types of boards, stay tuned!

What is the Difference between A Cruiser Board and A Skateboard?

The first duty is to know the differences between a skateboard and a cruiser, for which you can get the one that suits your requirements. Here we are going to provide the differences between them:

Shape of Deck
A regular skateboard seems a lozenge-shaped deck along with a raised tail and nose. It also offers a variety of widths and lengths so that you can pick up your desired one effortlessly.
The cruiser skateboard, on the other hand, includes numerous sizes and shapes. A few have got a specific kicktail. You will find mini-cruisers with a length of around 22-inch. Also, you can have a classic retro type deck that is well-known as a “Banana Board.”

Before buying a board, you should definitely know the length. The marketplace has packed with tons of models with different shapes and sizes. Considering the length should be according to your height.  A skateboard mostly comes with a length of 30 to 32 inches. On the contrary, a cruiser one seems a bit taller compare with a regular skateboard since it comes with 30-37-inch. However, you can pick a mini-cruiser (mostly 22-inch) if you are a short guy or a kid.

Size of Wheels
Your skating performance highly depends on the size of the wheels. You will find regular skateboards with hard and small wheels, which makes it ideal only for smooth surfaces.  A cruiser skateboard equips around 59mm wheels built with softer polyurethane. The overall built quality and size make it one of the best choices for both hard and smooth surfaces. You can use this type of board for long-distance skating as well.

When it comes to flexibility, a cruiser skateboard is way too comfortable compare with a regular skateboard. It allows you to make bigger turns and deep carving without minimizing the stability. You will be able to roll over cracks with ease. In a nutshell, you can have a luxurious feel while running a cruiser board in place of a skateboard.

What is the Difference between A Cruiser Board and A Skateboard?

skateboard vs cruiser board

Skateboard or Cruiser for Beginner   

Skateboard or Cruiser for Beginner

Having a doubt about choosing a specific board for riding? Set all your confusions and doubts aside, we are going to tell you about this fact so that you can know which one suits a beginner most!

Ease of Use

A cruiser board is relatively easy to use, requires less effort to drive for which newbies can run it without facing so many issues. For learning the proper way of skating, most people consider picking up a cruiser board instead of skateboards. You see, this type of board is used as a learning tool, so it could be an ideal choice for your kids or for those who are new in the field of skating.

Ideal for All Surfaces

Whether the road is uneven, unsmooth, or very fresh, you can have a safe and peaceful journey by getting your hands on a cruiser board. As you know, these boards include durable and flexible 59mm wheels made of soft polyurethane, making it ideal for all types of roads. Note: Ensure to do practice in even and smooth areas if you want to stay safe and sound while learning.

Note: Ensure to do practice in even and smooth areas if you want to stay safe and sound while learning skateboarding. 

Which One is the Best Option in Overall?

It seems like you are comparing fruits with vegetables! Both indeed have got some pros and cons and most importantly, both of these are great in making your skating journey enjoyable.

Which one is the best? It depends on your needs. But according to our in-depth research, a cruiser can beat a skateboard in terms of functionality, maneuverability, and portability. What do you think?

A cruiser board offers a variety of sizes, ensures better control, and requires less maintenance. Also, you can use a mini-cruiser as a learning tool since it is compatible with both experts and newbies. But if you are very professional in skating, then you can choose anyone between them. Because at the end of the day, the ball is in your court!

Expert Tips

According to the statement of AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), children under the age of 5 should not ride a skateboard, longboard, cruiser board, or such type of things. There is a BIG chance of facing injuries if a child attends this outdoor activity. 

Safety Tips While Skating

In order to stay out of danger, you have to maintain adequate safety while skating, like:

  • Putting on safety dresses is a must, whether you are a professional or a beginner. Make sure to pick up a multi-sport skateboard helmet, wear goggles, knee-pads, wrist-guards, and closed-toe shoes to increase stability.
  • Keep yourself away from highway roads.
  • Not to do skating in wet weather conditions.
  • Ride slowly in crowded areas.

Avoid using headphones at the time of skating.

The Final Cut

Considering the type of board is a matter of priority, so you will know better which one suits you best. What type of board you are using is not a big deal, maintaining adequate safety and knowing the riding-techniques should be your first and ultimate job. However, if you want to stay limited on a specific choice, then picking out the cruiser board might be a better decision, especially for beginners.

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