Skateboard Trucks Size Chart And Guide

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Skateboard Truck Size Chart

Deck SizeAxle WidthHanger WidthIndependentTensorThunderVentureAce
9.75 & above254mm183mm2156   

Having a skateboard truck size chart is the most appropriate way of matching the stake and deck widths of your truck. It is a guideline of standard sizes and different dimensions since every individual prefers different setups on their caliber and style of skating. Accordingly, this chart is necessary because the more you proceed with skating, the more you need to customize your setup to meet your skating needs.

You should use standard decks with a range of 25 inches in matching your skate truck width close to its deck width. Avoid narrow and wide matching of your truck since narrow matching might cause teeter-totter effect and instability issues while too broad truck matching may reduce turning performance. Generally, you do not need your wheels to get exposed, focusing on the top side of your board.

Independent skateboard trucks size chart

Trucks SizeAxle Width (cm) Skateboard Decks Width (In)
10917.536.25 – 7.6
12919.307.4 – 7.8
13920.327.8 – 8.2
14420.958.2 – 8.375
14921.598.375 – 8.6
15922.228.6 – 9
16923.189 – 9.5

Types Of Skateboard Trucks

what size trucks for 8.125 deck

Standard Kingpin

The standard Kingpin is the most versatile trucks available on the market and useful for any skateboarding type. Users can customize them according to their board turns since they are easily adjustable when tightening and loosening them. The simple adjustability of these trucks makes them useful for bowls, street skating, and skateparks.

Longboard Trucks 

Reverse kingpin is the next rucks that are usually wide and tall than standard kingpin models. These trucks are highly customizable for different types of riding. Their width is close to the deck, which makes them ideal in matching. The appropriate matching of these models makes them useful for cruising and carving as well as fast skating downhill. Therefore, beginners must choose high skateboard models as they provide more wheel and truck options. All users are also know longboarding tips and tricks.

Choosing Your First Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks size chart

You’ve purchased a new skateboard. You have all the tools in your shopping cart, but you are unsure which truck is the best you need to get. In the world of trucks, there are several trucks to choose from, but the many options available make the selection process more overwhelming.

This review will help you choose the best skateboard trucks. Why should I buy new trucks? Well, the answer is pretty simple: your trucks help you control the way you spin, move, and are responsible for translating your movement into the movement of the skateboard. They are the liaison between your deck and your wheels, and it is crucial to get them right. 

The width of the Truck

truck sizes skateboard

To pick the best skateboard trucks for your skateboard, it would be best if you remembered which truck size will suit your deck. Usually, the width of your device rightly matches the width of the deck. Tightening your truck will be unreliable, while widening the truck can, among other problems, result in the shoe and wheel coming into contact when being pushed. 

Picking the best trucks for your installation can be very difficult as skateboards have measurement in inches, with trucks computed in different units that differ by brand. Some brands may calculate the width of their truck from one axle nut to another while other brands may calculate the width of the hanger. What you do need, however, is a system that positions the axle nut correctly. You will need to place the axle nut within a quarter of an inch from the edge of the deck when clamping it to your deck. This implies your swivel nuts will not protrude beyond the margins of your deck and will not rest more than 1/4 “inside the margins of the deck.

The height of the truck

what size trucks for 8.25 deck in mm

Now that you’ve considered the width of the truck, you need to go one step further with the height in mind. Well, in the market, you can find different sizes, for example, low and high. It is always essential that you choose the most appropriate height that will help you feel comfortable and take care of your skating needs.

A low truck has many advantages. Well, this size offers extra leeway on your hanger for grinding, makes the user feel closer to the ground, and increases stability. There’s also minimal material to be steered with a low truck, so the kicks and bumps extend a little more. Roadrunners tend to prefer the stability, responsiveness, and leeway that low trucks offer.

If you are trying to compare between a high and a low truck, a high truck has a kingpin construction that is approximately 5mm longer than a low truck. This helps the user to do a lot of turning and provides extra clearance between the deck and the axle. This enables high trucks to be compatible with larger wheels. The ability to make more precise turns and accommodate a larger wheel makes high trucks alluring to transitional skaters. The extended turning radius as well makes high trucks a great choice if you’re driving around town. Tall people should pick high trucks as short people require to choose low trucks.


independent truck size chart

Bushings are small, barrel-shaped urethane shapes that your trucks can use to rotate. Bushings are mounted on the kingpin and transfer the pressure of your feet to your trucks so you can take turns, cuts, and various movements. All trucks come with integrated bushings. However, now and then, you may need to change them. The bushings are accessible in a variety of hardness that will affect the stability and responsiveness of your trucks.

Hardened bushings make your trucks stiff, stable, and require more effort when turning. The soft bushings rotate quickly and efficiently to respond to pressure. The stock bushings that accompany most skateboard trucks are usually softer. So if you find you need more rigid bushings, it is ideal is to buy a set independently.

Final Verdict

We hope this review of the best skateboard trucks has helped you a bit and made your decision easier the next time you buy a couple of trucks for your skateboard. Always look for information on this website, and you should be fine. We have great reviews and the best product information for beginners and professionals alike.

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