Penny Board Vs Nickel Board – Which One Good For You?

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Penny board has gained immense popularity among the skaters, especially the young blood. It’s comfortable to skate on; it’s amazingly lightweight and portable – these are the facts that make it a highly desirable board for the skaters.

But most skaters fall in trouble when they find out that there’s another board other than the Penny – the nickel board. Which one should a skater go for? Which one is for a newbie? Well, today, we’re going to clear up issues once and for all. Check out our breakdown on Penny vs nickel board to find out the best one.

Penny Vs Nickel Board – How Are They Different?

Penny vs Nickel board

Basically, the difference between nickel board vs penny board is the measurement. The actual penny board is made from polyurethane, which is a strong and robust material. This makes the board pretty rugged and can be randomly used and still look like it’s been just bought.

Penny board’s truck can measure just above 3 inches in width. That, too, comes with 59mm wheels underneath.

On the other hand, the nickel board differs significantly in length. The actual length is measured around 27 inches, while the original penny board measures 22 inches. Although you may think that this difference is only about 5 inches, it’s pretty vital in the case of small skateboards.

This little gap can make a huge difference in performance between these boards. A key difference between these is the deck-width. The nickel board has a noticeable wider deck than that of a penny board. Plus, the nickel board’s truck also measures 4-inches in width that is more than an inch of the width of the penny board.

Penny Boards – Pros and Cons


The best thing about the penny board is that it’s quite small and compact. That’s why you can carry it around in your backpack wherever you go. Just put it inside your bag and make yourself comfortable. Being on the shorter side, the board allows you to make effective turns when you’re on top of your velocity. You get to take turns with fewer efforts spent and move just as you wanted.


Probably the only disadvantage of the penny board is its size. The short size may not appear as compact for everybody. For example, those skaters who have large feet, they will struggle to put it under their feet and have a comfortable skating experience. Even if a large-footed skater rides it, it may not turn that well instantly. So, it won’t be of much fun and use.

Nickel Boards – Pros and Cons


Having an extra 5-inches in length and an inch of added width makes the board perfect for anybody to use. It has a lot of rooms for all types of skaters – whether kids or adults with larger feet.

The best part is, this is a newbie-friendly board. Because of its wider and larger size, a new skater can try it on without any issue of an accident or falling down. So if newbies were to choose between nickel board vs Penny, nickel board would seem more reasonable. Again, the nickel board can remain stable, and the firm is a large board and a bit safer for kids, as well.


While it’s true that a nickel board gives a lot of space to explore and take control, the comparison with regular skateboards is inevitable. You can see that the nickel boards are just as long and wide as a regular one. So, you can always opt for a regular one instead. Again, the large board can hardly be carried around in a backpack. So it’s not that comfortable to roam around with it the whole day.

What Are The Similarities Between Penny Board And Nichel Board?

Despite the differences between penny board vs nickel board, there are a couple of similarities between these two boards, as well. Let’s find out!
Looking with a blind eye, you can’t actually tell the difference between these two boards. The boards look exactly the same to any novice or inexperienced skater.
Apart from the looks between the penny board vs nickel, these two are made with the same plastic from the Penny. The plastic is incredibly strong and robust. No matter how hard you’re going on the boards, these will come out strong and rugged, as usual.
One more feature that is similar in these two boards is the grip tape. Both these boards use the same grip tape that allows the skaters to roam safely on the street. Even if the street is wet and damp, you can expect a flawless movement with the boards. The tape will strongly attach your feet to the board without any trembling or vibration.

Penny Board Vs Nickel Board Which One Is The Best?

As we have discussed till now, a penny board is a good choice for the regular and experienced user being a compact board. On the other hand, the nickel board suits best to new skaters who are yet to master the art of skating. So, which one is best for you, depends on your expertise.

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Final Words

So that was all for the Penny vs nickel board. If you have been wondering how these two boards differ, we hope this piece has clarified the differences already. Now that you’re looking for a new board, try reading through the pros and cons of both boards to find out your perfect match! Please wear a skateboard helmet while riding. Make the best out of the innovations and keep skating!

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