Longboarding Tips for Beginners – Learn and Ride!

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Longboarding may be a matter of fun and enjoyment for most people, but this surely is not the case for those who are rock-solid serious about it. Apart from mastering the ins and outs of this art, you also need to learn to take proper care of your hobby. Here you can find so many longboarding tips and tricks.

For those of you who are new in this field or aspiring to try out their luck, look no further. Today, we will be jotting down some hacks and tips that can make your longboarding sessions even more enjoying and much more meaningful.

So, without further ado, take your longboard with you and let’s hop in!

Tips For Choosing The Right Longboard

learning to longboard at 30

If you haven’t bought your longboard yet, this section will help you pick the right one. There are plenty of longboards in the market. Some are very expensive, while some don’t cost a fortune. The expense differs due to the use of new technologies in longboard manufacturing.As a beginner, you can choose a comparatively cheaper one. We know you don’t want to compromise the quality, right? There are some perfect longboards which are cheap but have good quality to give you an outstanding longboarding experience. DINBIN 41 INCH Longboard is one of them. It has –

  1. 41×9-Inch Spacious maple deck
  2. 30.5-31.5-Inch Spacious wheelbase
  3. 7-Inch aluminum trucks
  4. ABEC-7 precision bearings
  5. 70x51mm 85A PU wheels
  • While choosing your longboard, look for the one with the right length and plenty of room for balancing the riders. As a beginner, a good length longboard will keep you safe from unwanted accidents. Generally, a good dancing longboard requires to be more than 45-inch-long and more than 9” inch wide.
  • For the beginner, we would like to suggest you choose a light longboard. A lighter longboard generally doesn’t require push with a large amount of force. While practicing longboard, it will help you to keep moving. Moreover, lighter longboards are commute friendly.
  • Larger wheels spin longer on a single push. Therefore, you should look for a longboard with larger wheels. The minimum requirement of wheels is 65 mm plus for a smooth and steady ride. The best wheels are Orangatang wheels. With just one push, it will take you a long distance.
  • There are different kinds of longboards with different concave shapes. This is because manufacturers tend to experiment with the form of the concave for finding out which are more user friendly and which are not.
  • As a beginner, you should look for such a concave which offers you with a lead where to keep your leg while riding. It will help you keep moving without paying heed about putting a leg in the right place and balancing it properly. Doesn’t it sound great? This feature will help you a lot; we can bet. You can thank us later!
  • You may get confused with the graphics of the longboard available in the market. Nowadays, manufacturers spend tons in this section to satisfy the taste of people of all ages and all cultures. The longboards with a bright color would be a great choice. The bright color usually lasts a more prolonged period.

After buying the right one, you might want to learn how to ride on the longboard properly. Longboarding is not easy. Yeah, you read it ride. It’s not easy. But practicing wholeheartedly and consistently, you can quickly learn the tricks of riding. After investing a good amount of time practicing, you will be able to keep balance on the longboard. While practicing, keep the following hacks in your mind.

Tips For Riding Longboard​​​​

  • We would like to recommend you to check the wheel and deck adjustment of your longboard every time before going to the practice and ride. It will help you to find out the problem if there is any.
  • It’s the best decision to gear up properly for avoiding any kind of accident and severe injury. You may look ridiculous with all these gears. But Our advice is to wear as much safety gear as you can as a new rider. Safety kits like a helmet, knee pads, slide gloves/wrist guards, etc. should be put on, at least.
  • Choose one of these dancing styles and practice it. If you learn any of these styles properly, then you can easily master the rest of the styles. There are different styles of longboarding. Such as-
  1. Downhill/Bombing
  2. Freeride
  3. Freestyle
  4. Transportation
  5. Cruising/Carving
  6. Carving
  7. Dancing
  • Do not dare to start your very first longboard practicing on the uneven surface. Start with an academy or your neighborhood. While practicing in the neighborhood, make sure the roads are free from cars.
  • Do not try any advanced tactics at the beginning of your practice. It will lead you to severe danger.
  • Before commuting on the road, you must learn some skills for balancing. For practicing how to keep balance, it is safer to practice on grass or thick carpet. It will help you to get rid of friction and injury.
  • The angle you make with your foot on the deck is also very important. Your front foot has to be angled around 45 degrees with the deck while your back foot must be in the perpendicular position while learning to balance.
  • The position of your foot on the deck is very important. Find out your natural stances in longboarding. If you naturally can stand with your left foot forward and right foot back, you’re REGULAR, and if you put your right foot forward and left foot back, then you’re GOOFY.
  • Check it out, have someone push you from the back, and notice which foot you naturally put forward to keep balance.
  • It is mandatory to learn how to brake while running a longboard. It can ensure your safety. Through it is not a very tricky job, it requires practice. You can easily stop your board dropping with your back foot while moving slowly. But do not use your toes to stop the board. Just use the bottom of your shoes.
  • Get a partner or a mentor in learning longboarding. They play a very prominent role in helping and motivating you to keep pursuing your passion for longboarding. If the partner is experienced in longboarding, then your partner can also help you to start your first longboarding.
  • In the initial stage, your partner can push you to attain the balance and stability over the board and check your stances on the longboard.
  • When you learn all the basic skills of how to break, how to keep balance, and your stances on the longboard, you will be ready to go around your town and show the world your passion and skillsets.

You want your longboard to be long-lasting, right? Besides good-quality material, durability depends on how you treat your longboard. You need to take care of your longboard for its durability in the long run. Taking care of it can also serve you with flexibility while exploring different styles. Here are some tips from us about taking good care of the longboard

Tips For Taking Care Of Longboard​​​​

  • You must clean the deck of your longboard every week with soapy water and a brush to remove the dust and debris from its deck. The brush should not be so soft or so hard.
  • A soft brush cannot remove the dust properly and takes a super long time as well as energy. Hard brushes can damage the grip of the deck, which can cause life-threatening damages to you. So, make sure you’re cleaning with the right type of brush. You can use a nylon brush
  • Use a sponge to remove the soapy water. Exposure to the sun can make your longboard fragile. Therefore, dry it out for three to four hours with natural air after washing
  • You should give importance to the bearing too. Bearing needs cleaning when it makes a sound. Take out the bearing from the wheel and remove the debris from it.
  • You can use 99% isopropyl alcohol to rinse the bearings. Change the rubber shield if it requires. Lubricate your bearing frequently for a smooth ride.
  • The wheels of a longboard usually get damaged very quickly. Therefore, check it on a regular basis to avoid accidents and change the wheels with a new set when it requires.
  • Sometimes, you should rotate the wheel to check if there is any disparity in the wheels’ rotation.
  • Generally, wheel bites hit the bottom of the deck and suddenly stop it. To prevent this problem of wheel bite, install a riser on the deck of your longboard. It will raise the platform of your longboard to a higher level and raise the gap in between the wheel and the deck.
  • Store the longboard in place, which is not exposed to water and sunlight. Both sunlight and water cause damage to the longboard. Water makes longboard vulnerable, and sunlight cracks it. Moreover, sunlight shrinks the deck of the longboard too.

Longboarding Tips – Video

Final Words

Longboarding becomes a top-rated and super adventurous outdoor game among the young generation of all other the globe nowadays. It’s a pleasant way to refresh yourself. It is an excellent form of exercise as well to maintain good health.

Follow the tips we shared here; hopefully, you will get a lifetime experience with longboarding. Do not give up hope or do not give up practicing. One day you will become a pro longboard rider if you keep practicing.

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