Longboard Weight Limit and Weight Chart

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The longboard weight limit is 300 lbs. Are you surprised about that answer? Don’t be surprised. There are many longboards available in the market that can hold 300 lbs. This information is based on real users who already 300 lbs or near about this.

My two or three neighbors are ride longboard. There is one who is a heavy guy, and He weighs about 275 lbs. I talk to him about longboarding, and he says he enjoys it. His weight is not to create a single problem while longboarding. That’s the thing you clear about this.

If you don’t know this, then you are in the right place.

Let’s explore the topic:

Longboard height and weight chart

WeightLongboard Size
110-150 lbs.38.5”- 40”
150-180 lbs.38.5”- 44”
180-210 lbs.40”- 42”
210-250 lbs.42”- 44”
250+ lbs.42”- 44”

Landshark Longboard – The best longboard for fat guy

Landshark Longboard Weight Limit

Now talking about a specific brand that gives us a huge 40 years of experience in the longboard industry. ‘Landshark’ is the best longboard brand. It always wins the user’s heart. If you are a professional or newbie in this industry, whatever you are, it’s doesn’t matter. Price is also flexible. Everyone wants to know what is the Landshark longboard weight limit. According to many users, The Landshark longboard weight limit is near about 300 lbs. This is the perfect longboard for a 300lbs fat guy. If you are a heavy guy, you ride it very comfortably.

Weight Limit of Skateboards

I can also tell you the skateboard weight limit. The Skateboard weight limit is 273.3 lbs. It’s based on scientific proven. Skateboard is another outdoor ride like a longboard.

Things To Know When Considering Longboard Weight


longboard weight chart

The most and important things to know about the Brand. When you talk about this, you must be talking about the brand. Sometimes a brand tells about the whole history. This gives you trust and tells the exact how much weight hold on a longboard. That’s why a brand is essential.


longboard weight kg

Longboard decks are another crucial part. Its height, weight, and quality assurance to safe longboarding. A 9-10 inch width deck gives you a perfect ride. The more wide deck can provide more surface to ride. Which type of wood is used to make your longboard. It’s also matters. See our latest review article skateboard decks.


skateboard weight limit

If you have a longboard that gives you a good brand and a good deck, they don’t give you the best quality longboard wheels, which is really sad for you. Quality wheels can give you a safe and smooth riding experience. If you are heavy and ride a rough road, I say sorry to ignore the rough road. For heaviest riders, use 75mm and up wheels and use 90a and upper durometer wheels that can assure your safest ride.


longboard surfboard weight

A longboard truck is very important when considering how much weight a longboard can hold. It can stable your riding. This holds the whole 300lb. That’s why good-quality trucks are really needed. Poor quality trucks can risk your longboarding. It can throw you too injured when you are doing cruising and tricks. A Skateboard truck size chart is also important.


What is the maximum weight a skateboard can hold?

I already talk about that a skateboard can hold a maximum of 273.3 lbs. This is proven scientifically. Everything has a limit, and skateboard also has a limit.

Can longboarding lose weight?

Yes, of course. Longboard also can lose weight. Longboarding is an exercise like other exercises you do. It also can burn your fat. I think it is more comfortable, and you can burn your fat and lose weight by playing and enjoying it.

How long is a normal longboard?

A different variant size longboard is available. Most of the longboard length is 33 to 59 inches (84 to 150 centimeters), and the width is 8 to 10 inches (20.3 to 25.4 centimeters).

Is a 40-inch longboard too long?

The longboard length starts at 33 inches. No, 40 inches longboard is not a big board. Many riders ride 42 inches or upsize longboard. They don’t feel a problem at all. The usual size is 38 to 42 inches. If you ride 40 inches longboard, it is easy to do cruising, dancing, and many other tricks.


Nowadays, longboarding becomes the most impressive and adventurous outdoor sport. Here we are talking about the weight limit of a longboard. It can help you to choose the best longboard for you. Now you know which one is good for your riding. We also talk about the skateboard weight limit, and It also can help you a lot. You will be able to choose the best for you according to your weight. Don’t forget to put your safety first before anything else. Please wear a skateboard helmet and protective gear.

Happy Longboarding!

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