How To Ride a Penny Board – 5 Easy Step (Image And Video)

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Penny boards are made for commuting and are designed for moving around easily. They are very convenient, most particularly when riding in a city with high traffic and tight spots.
Their small size makes it easier to avoid obstacles when riding. In case you have an interest in using a penny board and you are new to them, then this article will help learn or know how to ride a penny board.

Penny Board Feet Position And Placement

Footwear and Foot Positioning on Penny board

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Then getting on your penny board you have to ensure that you are in the right shoes. This is important because you might get injured if you are not in the right shoes. The best shoes to wear are the ones which are closed with a flat sole. A flat sole helps you have a good grip on the board. In case closed-toe shoes with a flat sole are not available, a pair of tennis shoes will also work.
After you have the right shoes, the next is to put your feet on the penny board. There is no restriction on which foot will be in the front. If the left foot is in front it is referred to as regular and when the right is in front it is termed as goofy position. The most important thing when placing your feet on the board is to make sure your board is on a flat surface. A flat surface ensures that the board won’t roll when you place your foot on it.
When getting on the board, take any foot you want to be in front of and put it at an angle near the front of the board. The other foot should stay on the ground until you gain balance. Once you gain balance put it behind the other foot at a similar angle.
To establish whether the front foot is in the required position, it should be within the four screws that hold the trucks on. Though once you gain experience you can move it to a spot that is comfortable for you.

Balance on Penny board

penny board balance

The next step before you move is to have a good balance because this is the most important thing when riding a penny board. To have the right balance, have your feet in line the shoulders. To balance best most of your weight should be on the front leg. This can be achieved by leaning forward a little and bending your knees. You can use your arms if you are still struggling to balance although using your arms may cause to lose stability.
Normally feet positioning is key when balancing. In case you still find yourself struggling to balance after having done all the steps above, then you will have to consider repositioning your feet. The most important thing is to go slow on a flat ground until you establish the balance method that works best for you.

Gaining Speed on Penny Board

Gaining Speed on penny board

After gaining balance now it is time to gain speed. To gain speed, use the back foot. Lift it off the board and put the ball of the foot on the ground, then do a kick pushing motion to gain momentum.
After gaining enough momentum place your foot back on the penny board and cruise on. At first, you might have to do this several times or when cruising uphill.
Once you gain momentum you will not have to push or kick as much. Some people use the front foot to kick and push instead of the back foot. Both methods are fine it depends on personal preferences.

How to stop a penny board?

After foot positioning, balancing, gaining speed, and turning now it is time to stop. There are two methods of stopping. The first method to stop is jumping off your penny board. This method is best when riding at slower speeds, when at high speeds it can’t work for you. The other method which is a bit advanced is the foot stop.

As the name suggests, when your foot stopping you apply your foot to stop. The pushing foot is the one used when stopping. Take it off the board and put it on the ground smoothly. Then let it slide along gently. Its friction with the ground will slowly slow the penny board down. When foot stopping doesn’t push hard because of some reasons. The first reason is that if you push hard the board will stop suddenly and send you flying off. The other reason is that you don’t want your shoes to be damaged.

How to make your penny board turn easier?

Trun on penny board

Turning is very crucial when it comes to penny board riding. If you don’t turn properly you may end up crushing. There are two major methods of turning, the common method is to lean and change your body position. This is the most effective way for beginners. The other method is kicking turning. This is the best method if you want to maintain speed when turning.

When kick turning, you place your back foot on the kicktail which is at the end of the board. After putting it on the kicktail, press down hard on it so that you lift off the ground front wheels. Then swivel your board around the turn. This method hard therefore it needs a lot of practice. The most effective way to learn this method is to practice it in a stopped position. After that, you can slowly build up speed as you practice.

Ride Penny Board – Video Tutorial


Now you have what it takes to ride a penny board. After mastering the above steps now you can ride your board rapidly, much the same as a specialist, with the tips and tricks you have learned. Make certain to wear the correct shoes.

Keep in mind that when riding a penny board, it is ideal to wear shoes which have a flat sole and are toe closed. This will assist you with getting a better grip on your board. You just need to follow the tips so you could have a brilliant penny board riding experience. Don’t forget to put your helmet, safety first before anything else.

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