How To Make Skateboard Deck – 6 Easy Step

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Can I ask – Do you know how to make a skateboard deck?

Wait. I don’t need the answer right now. Please allow me to express my thoughts.

Skateboarding is entertaining. Highly! Isn’t it?

It is the small piece of wood. But the shape is special. Initially, it looks like a miniature surfboard. Did you notice that, ever?

But this ‘miniature surfboard’ comes with wheels. And other gears, too.

So, it takes a distinctive look. And you can ride using the board on the streets. Commuting in shorter distances is easier. Effortless. And saves time for you.

But, we don’t have a comprehensive idea about the making of a skateboard. What we do is simply visit the shop. And grab the one that we prefer. But with some in-depth ideas, we can do it at home as well.

In this post, you will have a guideline to make a skateboard at home. Let’s check the process.

Deck making – behind the scenes

Usually, a skateboard deck comes with several layers of plywood. Sometimes, it is only a solid piece of wood. Or plastic.

However, most of the cases, it is better to use plywood. They are durable and you will get a consistent riding performance.


The steps

To prepare the deck, you will need to follow a couple of steps. They are here.

Get the plywood

Collect at least six plywood layers. Generally, the standard plywood layers are six or seven. But some of the manufacturers apply up to nine layers at a time.

However, to make the basic deck of a skateboard, you need to remember:

  • The plywood should be 30 inches X 10 inches.
  • Their thickness should be 1/17-inch

Stack them and make sure there is no dirt on the surface. Now, check the stack again. Place them one after another. Use glues to attach them. Here, wood glue would perform better.

The other important task is to press the layers for hours. You can use a commercial-grade press to press the stacked layers. Keep those on the same position for at least eight hours.

Without the pressing, the layers may get off. And it will increase your troubles when you hit the street with your skateboard

Get the design

how to shape a skateboard deck

Once you are done with the pressing, you are halfway done. Now, you are to make the design. The design changes based on the skateboard operations.

Did you see the nose or tails of the skateboards? Aren’t they different? Why it happens?

It all happens for designs.

So, you may consult any expert to know more about design. Or you can simply keep it as a round shape [the ordinary design of skateboards].

Applying veneers

To bring some change in the outlook of your skateboard, you can apply veneers. You are to select the right spot for the veneer application. Use glue rightly to make the veneer stay on position.

Cutting the deck

how to make skateboard wheels at home

There might be some edges. Or the deck needs smoothening. In that case, you are to cut the deck. The cutting will also bring the exact shape of the deck.

For the sharp and perfect cutting, use an electric saw or jigsaw. If you try manually, there might be a mess. The edges may not be super smooth. And there would be trouble in balancing.

Hence, once you select the shape and design, cut the deck in the right way.

Polishing the deck

You are almost done with the skateboard deck making. Now, you have to polish it. This is an important part.

Use a hand sander. Or you can use a belt sander as well. Both serve the best. Make sure the curves get the polishing in perfect manner.

However, be gentle while polishing the curves. A rough polishing may damage the outlook of the skateboard. The best way is to hold the skateboard tight. Tilt the side you want to polish with the sander. Rub the sander against the edge. And check the polishing.

Remember to use a lower –grit paper for this purpose

Last touches

You are done with the skateboard deck making. You need to apply some finishing touches. Check back if there are any rough edges remaining. If you find any, rub that edge in particular.

Or, you can also paint your skateboard deck. Following your color preference. It will add more value on overall outlook of your skateboard.

Benefits of skateboard making at home

When you will make a skateboard, you will have certain benefits. The first and most impressive aspect is that you can enjoy the freedom. The freedom of your choice. Also, the other benefits are in line. Some of the key benefits are explained here.


You know the process of making a skateboard deck. So, you can make it durable. With the increase in the number of layers, you can easily do that. When the layers will be more, it will be more durable.

Customized design

At times, it may happen that you do not prefer the readymade design. Well. That is natural. And the similar incident happens with numerous people. But when you make the deck, you customize.

You can add paintings, veneer or shape the deck as you want. After the completion, you can add the best trucks, bearings, and wheels. But such options are limited for readymade decks.

Increases skills

If you know how to make a skateboard deck, it would be a special skill. Many of the skateboard riders are unable to make a deck. Most of them rely on the preset ones.

But as you are making your deck, you need to master certain skills. Such skills are rare in the present days. Everyone tries to skip those. But you are trying hard. And who knows – someday you could be an entrepreneur of customized skateboard deck!

DIY Skateboard Deck – Video


Can I ask you now – how to make a skateboard deck?

I can bet $100 that you know it. Right?

The process is less complex. Takes less time. But you need to focus.

And your measurement should be correct. Get the right measure of your layers. Check the length. Follow the template [or design] of your skateboard rightly. Get the clear picture in mind. And you have a brand new skateboard deck.

Happy skateboard riding!

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