How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost? Skateboard Price Guide

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How much does it cost for a good skateboard?

How much does a good skateboard cost?

You can find a skateboard for $25. But a quality skateboard can cost you $100 to $150.

Yes, that is correct. But to some extent, the price may cross even $200. In that case, you will have some special options and accessories.

Don’t be. If you want to have a good skateboard, you need to spend a moderate amount. Surely, you can have a cheaper skateboard. But at the end of the day, it would appear like junk.
You need to invest once again. To get your skateboard.

So, isn’t it wise to spend a certain amount in the beginning to avoid unwanted hassles? The experts recommend investing in the start and enjoy till the end.

Skateboarding is one of the most impressive forms of outdoor entertainment.

In line with physical exercises, it helps to get some mental refreshments. For the riders.

But you know what – it is tough to find out the right skateboard. At the same time, you need to check the price as well.

So, it is wise to know that how much does it cost for a good skateboard. In fact, many of the beginners are unaware of the fact. They do not have any solid idea about the price of skateboards.

Here, you will get some detailed idea. In the end, it would be easier to find the right one.

Let’s start our exploration.

What you can expect from your skateboard?

That is another issue to consider. You are spending around $150. So, you have the legal right to know about the features. It depends on certain criteria. They are as followed.

Perfect construction

The first thing is the skateboard construction. The skateboard is either from wood or from durable plastic materials.
Usually, the cheaper boards do not have solid construction. As a result, they do not last long. The boards crack and you may face many other difficulties. But here, you are having reliable construction material. Thus, you can enjoy skateboarding for a long time.

Sturdy wheels 
Alongside the board, the wheels also matter. With an expensive skateboard, you will get perfect wheels. The wheel size would match with the skateboard body. Also, you have the option to replace or adjust the wheels to meet your riding needs.
But in other cases, it is not possible to replace or repair the wheels. And they do not last for long. When you ride the skateboard on the street, the wheels lose their pace. Surely, you don’t want that.

Effortless control
Having balance on the skateboard is the key factor. If you are unable to hold the balance, riding would be a nightmare. Even, you may fall on the ground. Or may have serious accidents. Ultimately, your riding experience won’t be amazing.
But the skateboard that crosses the ranges of $150, will ensure smooth control. You can feel the difference by stepping on the board.
So, what next?
Well, if you are on a low budget, you can start saving. For the next couple of months. So that you can have a perfect skateboard.

How to select the right skateboard?

skateboard price

The selection of the perfect one is often troublesome. In fact, nothing in the world is perfect. You need to adjust to make them perfect. But, to get the right one, you can check the following aspects.

Size matters
The first thing is the size of the skateboard. To be more precise – the size of the deck, and the overall lengths. It should match your height and weight. Unless the size is right, you may have trouble keeping balance. So, you need to select the right size.

Types of deck
Generally, the skateboard decks are from maple wood. But there are exceptions too. You can find the plastic deck. The plastic is heavy-duty and lasts long as well. However, they are not as flexible as the wooden decks are. Experts recommend having wooden decks.
But you need to check the number of plies. Make sure there are at least five to six plies of maple wood. Or, easily the deck may collapse.

Get a complete skateboard
At times, some of the people have an idea that they will make the board separately. So, they invest in the wheels. Later, they get the deck. And then they wait for the bearings. But, this is not a smart idea. It will cost you time and money, both.
So, what you can do is to get a complete skateboard. You may need to bargain. Or keep searching to get the one within your budget. In the end, it will save time for you.

Precautions while riding skateboards

If you are skilled rider, you know the precautions.

But if you are reading this post, it points out that you are a beginner. So, you need to follow certain precautions. To secure your riding, follow the precautions below

Run a complete check

Before you ride your skateboard every time, you need to run a thorough check. Make sure the wheels are in the right position. And the bearings are performing well. Besides, you also should check the skateboard deck – if there is any crack.

Wear safety gear

At the same time, you must wear safety gear. They include – safety pads of elbow and knee, gloves, safety shoes, helmet, among others. Wearing safety gear will prevent you from getting injured. In an unbalanced state, you may fall down on the ground. And get injured.

But once you are with safety gear, you are free of those worries.

Skip wet tracks

Skateboarding on wet tracks or roads can cause accidents. So, you must avoid such tracks while riding. Always use a solid surface. And the wet surfaces will also make your pace slower.


We are in the last part. By this time, you are now well aware of the key factors of skateboarding. You have an idea how much does it cost for a good skateboard. So, as you know how much does a skateboard cost, it won’t be a big deal. To select the right one. 

Get the one that matches your criteria. And enjoy riding!

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