Cal 7 Skateboard Review – Best Skateboard Brand

By Steven C. Martin

Do you love skateboarding? Do you own one? If you don’t and looking to buy a new one, then you’re absolutely in the right place. Let us introduce you to the Cal 7 Cabana complete skateboard. This Cal 7 skateboard review helps you to make right decision. 

Now, every skateboard lover has most possibly heard about Cal 7 complete skateboards. They don’t fail to disappoint their users when it comes to skateboarding experience. The Cal 7 skateboard users mostly rave about the various functionality that their little amazing piece provides them.

We’re just here to provide the correct directions in determining your perfect skateboard buy. Starting from the skateboard’s deck, wheels, bearings, and truck till bushings, this Cal 7 skateboard review is dotted down keeping all your curiosities in mind. This way you are well informed and will be able to make the right decision when buying one.

The Cal 7 Complete Skateboard - Review

cal 7 skateboard

The Cal 7 complete skateboard holds the benchmark for being one of the best skateboards out there. You don’t have to worry even if you’re a beginner, this skateboard will get you all hooked up. And if you’re a professional, you’ll love the flexibility that this skateboard offers.

You might be thinking that if it is possible for both beginners and professionals to dig this 8” Cabana skateboard. We’ll tell you they totally do. Why? Because when you’re skateboarding- be it anywhere, your first and most priority is your safety, right?

The Cal 7 complete skateboard has earned a name for themselves when it comes to stability. It is termed as one of the best longboard skateboards out there in the market in such regard.  

We’ve assembled this review so that you could get a good idea about Cal 7 complete skateboard. Here, we’ll be going over the various aspects that might make you want to own this beautiful piece.


Firstly, let’s look at the skateboard’s 8-inch maple-made deck. Being maple-made gives the skateboard extra durability.

The well-built medium concave design allows you to use this in any way that you see fit. That is, you could use it for rough skateboarding or for getting a smooth experience. It will certainly allow you to change your stance quickly while being on the fly with this beauty.

A pre-applied grip tape along the deck increases the body density, making the Cal 7 Cabana more stable than the other skateboards. This powerful skateboard is also fully capable of taking on weight till 220 lbs.

One thing is for sure here, it’s definite for this skateboard to beat any of those plastic skateboards out there.


Who doesn’t love a superior design on their skateboards? Cal 7 Cabana takes the skateboard design to a next level, which will definitely make you love it.

The vibrant colors and drawings on the body will surely turn on your joyous and playful mode. It will definitely add a new and wonderful perspective to your skateboarding attitude.

This is what makes it stand out from the others. So, you could show off your courage and spirit with the one that truly reflects your personality.


Now, the wheels may be a bit different from the typical skateboard wheels. They’re made in a way that provides you with the perfect speed and grip that you need. They measure 52mm with a durometer of 99A.

So, these make this skateboard an optimum choice for those beginning out in this line. Be it your local street, skate parks, ramps, or pools you could ride the Cal C7 Cabana out in any style.

As for the professionals, you are getting great buoyancy on this skateboard which allows you to take it through over any bumps, pebbles, and cracks along your skating route. So, you’ll basically feel like you’re floating through them.


The Cal 7 8” Cabana skateboard has ABEC-7 steel bearings. These bearings are made from the highest quality so that you could experience an ultra-smooth skateboarding performance.

It will be providing you with an increased speed without any alteration in the performance.

Usually, when we see a higher score in the ABEC rating, it means the bearings are more accurate. So, these pre-lubricated bearings will definitely give you smooth and fast riding episodes.


Cal 7 skateboard incorporates lightweight aluminum trucks for ensuring premium skateboarding experience.

It is assured not to wrap and go on to provide you with steady rides over the years. The high-quality trucks used in the skateboard definitely ensures enhanced flexibility. Along the with the bushings, this will allow you to do any kind of tricks and jumps that you might want to perform.

Plus, there are pre-installed 3mm riser pads so that the wheels have a better efficient grip. Thereby, your skateboard won’t run off to any wrong directions and stick firmly on the path.


The bushings on Cal 7 Cabana complete skateboard gives you an extra advantage. The 95A bushings ensure better flexibility in any direction that you might want to carve the skateboard’s direction.

So, guess what? You will be able to perform tricks to impress and captivate your audiences.

If you want to take your skateboard for a skillful performance to the street, parks where the ground is smooth or even rough, this one will not disappoint you.

Wrapping up

So, I guess by now, you’re all excited to buy the super bewildering Cal 7 Cabana complete skateboard after reading this review. Why shouldn’t one be? This purely stunning skateboard will surely have you perplexed once you have a ride with it.  

And it doesn’t matter if you are just beginning out or a professional with years of expertise on skateboarding, this one here will meet all of your expectations without any fail. Plus, the vibrant colors and design will make you feel confident while taking a ride on this beautiful piece.

Don’t worry about slipping off the board and hurting yourself, the magnificent grip tape won’t let you fall off easily. Thus, you could have a superior skateboarding experience with the Cal 7 Cabana complete skateboard.

Just ONE thing to say in the end, don’t forget to wear skateboarding protection gear like helmet, knee pad to avoid any accidents or injuries.