The 10 Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Steven C. Martin

During this pandemic moment, a lot of volunteers are working like me. Some of them are using cycles to deliver food and medicine. Or, some of us are using longboards to deliver basic needs to the citizens. Doing this noble job feels amazing for volunteers.

But sometimes it turns tough. This is because of cracked roads, terrain, and more. It bars the comfort of longboarding.

It even delays the delivery time. For that reason, many volunteers and cruisers ask: what are the best longboard wheels for cruising?

This is a trending question now in longboard communities. In this article, I will review top ten wheels for longboard cruising.

Here I will also include a fine-tuned buying guide, FAQ, and maintenance tips. Stick with me till the end. Let’s start with the review first.

Top 10 Best longboard wheels for cruising review

ImageProduct NameSpecificationPrice
Orangatang Kegel  Longboard Wheels For Cruising and DownhillDiameter: 88mm, 46mm
Durometer: 77a, 80a, 83a
(Editor’s Choice)
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Spitfire Bighead Longboard WheelsDiameter: 48mm 50mm 51mm 52mm 53mm 54mm 57mm 59mm 63mm
Durometer: 78a
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Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels For CarvingDiameter: 85mm
Durometer: 80a, 83a
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Orangatang Downhill Longboard Cruising WheelsDiameter: 77mm, 80mm
Durometer: 77a, 80a, 83a,86a
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Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels Freestyle Tricks and DancingDiameter: 77mm
Durometer: 70a, 80a, 83a, 84a
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Orangatang 4President Longboard Wheels For Hard CarvingDiameter: 70mm
Durometer: 77a, 80a
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​Blank Longboard FlywheelsDiameter: 83mm
Durometer: 80a
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Sector 9 Nine Ball 70mm 78a WheelsDiameter: 70mm
Durometer: 77a
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Santa Cruz Longboard Wheels For Rough RoadsDiameter: 66mm
Durometer: 97a
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Spitfire Formula Four Longboard and Skateboard WheelsDiameter: 56mm
Durometer: 99a
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FYI, all the ten wheels are tested by regular cruisers, including me. Based on the cruising experience, you are going to read this review. It might be brutally honest—still, a good guide.

1. Spitfire Bighead Longboard Wheels

I am starting the worthy guide with Spitfire. Spitfire has a fame for reliable and smooth wheels. They ensured this through the test and application.

For example, spitfire bighead has flat spot resistance. It even can handle the heavy weighted guy. Like my colleague Jim, he is almost 220lbs.

He is cruising great with his bighead 48mm wheels. Sometimes we cruise through parks and streets. Even we never felt any odd during our Covid-19 volunteering.

Although these wheels cannot handle a bumpy surface, you will still enjoy the city cruising. One of the biggest reasons for this enjoyment are grip and traction. This is why we call it the best cruiser wheels.


  • Long-lasting wheels.
  • Perfect for city cruising.
  • Comfortable for park and street.


  • Not good for long-distance cruising.

2. Orangatang Kegel  Longboard Wheels For Cruising and Downhill

Now, long-distance cruising differs. It is based on the purpose. And Orangatang Kegel fills all the needs.

The wheels are perfect for rolling over anything. For example, we tried it on cracks, bumpy roads, sticks, and rough roads. Each place showed us smoothness and comfort.

One of our mates even tried some advanced slides with it. Wow! The drummers like – 80a and 83a performed great slides. They have most traction for a better grip.

Kegel did this fantastic job for non-electric longboards. They could do it even better for electric longboards. Most of our cruisers noticed chipping after 10 to 12 miles of visit.Overall, the two different sized wheels -80mm and 46mm are great. These sizes have happy-thane. So, Kegel structured the best longboard wheels for heavy riders.


  • Smooth urethane formula.
  • Perfect for any surfaces.
  • Durability is hard.


  • Electric longboards faced an edge chipping.

3. Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels For Carving

The difference between Kegel and Caguama is huge. Caguama has a better grip and durability than Kegele. Like this, we found some more variety. Here are the exceptions.

First, the bearings are well adjusted with the speed rings. This indicates a smooth cruising experience. No matter what is your distance, this longboard can take you there with a slight push.

Not only that. It also allows a decent comfort during cruising. This is possible only for its amazing functionality, and it includes – grips and a 56mm contact patch.

Both of these functionalities work great in rocks, cracks, and rough roads. Orangatang made this possible with some improved combinations.

These combinations include -thane formula and the highest durometers. Almost all wheels have 77a to 83a strength so far: and it is possible for applying a moderate urethane formula.

Although Cguamara has a balanced urethane, it does not fulfill a 100% comfort. We experience ankle pain after 14 miles of cruising. Still, this is the best longboard wheel for cruising on rough roads.


  • Covers all surfaces
  • Sizes are perfect for longboards.
  • Moderate design and grip.


  • Electric longboards can’t handle the bump.

4. Orangatang Downhill Longboard Cruising Wheels

Every Orangatang wheel is made for facing challenges. For example, this downhill longboard is versatile.

It can handle tough and rough roads. One can even perform some amazing slides with these wheels.

Whatsmore, this longboard is fast for 72mm sized wheels. All these four wheels can control the speed, maintaining a flow. Great!

That’s not the end. The wheels also have the largest traction. This means the city cruising becomes better. An example of that better experience is here:

I used these downhill wheels for a medical emergency. It helped me to meet the threshold, and the crisis was an immediate N-95 mask supply.So, thanks to these fastest wheels. For them, I could reach there on time. One more thing I realized after using longboard wheels is that: it is sturdy and long-lasting. But not too good for advanced sliding.


  • Most traction with grip.
  • Balanced Durometers
  • Sharp, and square lips for better slide.


  • Edges are ragged after a few slides.

5. Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels Freestyle Tricks and Dancing

The last product is perfect for cruising. But it ragged after continuous slide. This shortcoming is the reason for inventing -Stimulus longboards.

The Stimulus series has everything that Orangatang covers. So, what made this unique? Bearings and speed rings.

Those two materials allowed a rider to do advanced slides. To do the advanced slides, one needs the perfect sized wheels.

And the stimulus longboard wheels have 70mm sized wheels. These are strong and durable. The wheels also offer four different durometers – 70a, 80a, 83a, and 84a.Comparing the four durometers, 84a is the best. However, bubbles and urethane lines were visible after the first ride. Still, it can be considered as the best wheel for slidings.


  • Smooth slides at cruising.
  • Strong wheels.
  • Perfect for freeriding.
  • Best for sliding


  • Bubbles inside the wheels.

6. ​Blank Longboard Flywheels

No bubbles, pure steel, and plastic. This is the basic feature of Blang Flywheels. It comes with bearings with four little spacers.

Blanks says that: the little spacers are sturdy enough to enjoy cruising. While there is no further detail, we decided to add our experience.

First, we had to reshape the wheels then attached them with longboards. Preparing this reshape and installing it took little time. This is because of the bearings. Next, it’s time for a trail.Near us, there is a grocery. So, one of our group members headed over for delivery with these wheels. He took 12 minutes, including delivery. In a word, this package is right for cruising, except for the stale cigar smell.


  • Sturdy bearings
  • Four little spacers.
  • Moderate cruising experience.


  • The smell could be better.

7. ​Orangatang 4President Longboard Wheels For Hard Carving

Apart from the regular cruising, we love to get mad on Sunday. This indicates performing hard carving, pumping, and more. So, the 4Predident wheels are our Sunday mate.

It has all the essential features of Orangatang. But, three extreme features have made these wheels exceptional. These are speed, acceleration, sharp, square lips, and tractions.

We also experienced ideal pumping and carving. Like this, there is another factor for an amazing weekend. That is -urethane formula. Urethane made the wheels smooth, pulse, and grippy.So, you can try this for your Sunday and regular ride. But not for heavy sliding.


  • Perfect for pumping and hard carving.
  • Good traction.
  • Smooth and grippy.


  • Slides are not smooth with these wheels.

8. Sector 9 Nine Ball 70mm 78a Wheels

Since we suffered a lack of proper slide, installed these wheels. It satisfies our thirst and fits with all longboards. It is even far from gripping issues. We rolled over mountains, rocks, and rough roads with it.

Each place served smoothness. This is because of squared lips and a balanced urethane. So, if you have a budget, try it.Yet, there is one thing you should remember: it does not have enough durability like previous.


  • Made for sliding.
  • Traction and grips are fine-tuned.
  • Fits with all longboards.


  • I wish it could be durable enough.

9. ​Santa Cruz Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads

We covered all the cruiser wheels in our last reviews. The forthcoming reviews are optional. We recommend using these at parties or events. So, starting with Santa Cruz.

These slimeball wheels are attractive in design; they are smaller than other wheels. It can be used for short-distance cruising. All the materials of Santa Cruz are balanced.This is why riding in the park, street, and the smooth surface feels great—no bumpy and rocky feeling. In a nutshell, this is best for low-budget. Volunteers can use this for local deliveries.


  • It can take up to 250lbs weight.
  • Perfect for riding in the park.
  • Lucrative design.


  • Sizes are fixed.

10. Spitfire Formula Four Longboard and Skateboard Wheels

Remember the first product? Yeah, Bighead. Formula four is a perfect alternative to Bighead. It has the highest durability: almost 99 a. This means riding becomes better.

You can do sliding, pumping, hard carving, downhill, and more. Spitfire designed the wheels for all purposes. You can use it skateboard also.

Most of the features come in two different colors: blue and red. The red one is for rough surfaces, and the blue is for waxy or sticky surfaces.Now, there might be a question: why do I put this in last? This is because of the bearing, which is made from ceramic. I don’t prefer ceramic bearings. It does not last long.


  • Highest durometers
  • Comes with different colors.
  • Perfect for different distances.


  • Bearings are made from ceramics.

Longboard wheels guide: A total buying guide

This is going to be a long-story. If you can read this with patience, the next winner is you. Here I will write about longboard wheels buying guides. Let’s roll.

Look at the diameter

First, we recommend you to look at the diameter. Here are the tips.

  • 65 to 75mm means a balanced speed and acceleration.
  • 60 to 65mm means less speed with quick acceleration.
  • 75 to 101mm means more speed but slow acceleration

Check the durometer

The second thing you will check is the durometer. So, here are the tips for the durometer.​​​​Remember, the durometer is a measurement of selecting the hardness of wheels.The more durometer means more hard and fast, but their grips are tight.There are two types of significant durometers: A and B. A is hard, and the B is tight.78a to 87a means soft and balanced. These types of wheels are best for grip and can endure crack and rock.88a to 95a means hard and fast wheels. These wheels have a decent grip and better for cruising.Above 95a are the hardest wheels. They are suitable for beginners

Wheel shape

There are three types of wheel shapes. Namely: Rounded, beveled, and square. Here are the tips regarding wheel shapes.Rounded wheels are right for sliding.Beveled wheels are best for downhill and balanced longboarding.Squared wheels are perfect for cruising.

Check the wheel core

Wheel cores work to heat the bearing. These are also three types: backset, counterset, and slideset. Here are the following tipsBackset cores work great for carving and sliding.Counterstet cores are installed for cruising and regular commuting.Slideset cores are used to do balanced pumping and other stuff.

Contact Patch Check

This is a critical thing. It adjusts the weight of your body. So, choosing the right contact patch depends on reviews. You need to rely on the reviews in this case. Almost every wheel maker uses a contact patch equally.

Overall wheel performance

Before paying the cash, check the overall wheel performance. It covers everything from scratch. So, why should you check this? No matter if you are cruising, downhill, carving, you will need to review overall performance to meet your goal.


The final touch is: fixing the budget. When all of the mentioned criteria are fulfilled, structure your budget. I believe this planning will be easier for the previous details. are you know How much does a decent skateboard cost?

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between longboard and skateboard wheels?

The difference is size. Skateboards wheels sizes are 8mm, and Longboard wheels sizes are 10mm. Both wheels work well with each other, but there is a slight problem. It’s none other than grip. So, it’s wise to use recommended size. There are most of the pros who say “size does not matter.” Yet, proper cruising needs a proper wheel.

Do longboard wheels come with bearings?

Longboard wheels come with bearings. Each of the wheels has two bearings. These are used for keeping the wheels pumping. However, there is an option to fill in the gap with spacers in wheels.

Will longboard wheels fit on a skateboard?

Of course, longboard wheels will fit with the skateboard. This makes the skateboard even better. For example, skateboard wheels are not as soft as longboards. It makes riding unpleasant. You will feel every bump on riding. But, if you install a longboard on a skateboard, there is no chance of facing a bump. However, we recommend you to stick with your recommended sizes.

How are longboard wheels made? 

It needs a lengthy explanation. We will cover it in the next writing. For now, here is the short answer: Longboard wheels are manufactured from polyurethane. This material goes through a huge scientific experiment. It consists of durometer, specifications, diameter, user comfort, and more.

When to replace longboard wheels?

The longboard wheel replacement depends on two situations. One: if you are a regular user, then it wise to change after three months. Number two: if you are an occasional user, check the wheel performance. We recommend you to change twice in a year if you are a casual user.

Covid-19 disinfecting instructions for longboard riders

Since the pandemic is growing, volunteers are increasing. And most of them use longboards or skateboards for their social work. This is a risky job. So, after performing your job, we recommend you follow the disinfecting instruction. You and the longboard will be safe.

  • First is your safety: wear all the safety essentials that WHO recommended.
  • Next, sanitize your hands and wash your clothes
  • Disinfect the longboard.

Here is the longboard disinfection process

  • Mix one teaspoon bleaching with 500ml water.
  • Spray it on the boards and wheels.
  • Before spraying the bleached spray, wash the board with a window cleaner.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean wheels.

These simple safety measures are good enough to stay motivated in cruising. So, dear longboard volunteer, “don’t forget to disinfect your cruise.”


We don’t know how long this Covid-19 will last. But we believe: as long as there are volunteers like us, every US citizen will get support. To keep the support on-line, I tried to add all the best longboard wheels for cruising.Cruising is fun. When it relates to a noble job, it needs the best support. So, get the perfect cruising wheels. And never stop your longboard volunteering. I am signing off now. Stay safe.

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