Are Cal 7 Skateboards Good or Worst?

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Are cal 7 good

A complete skateboard is a sum of its parts. It is the right way to learn skateboarding but only if you find the right one. You will wish each component to be of high quality, allowing for optimal control when on the ground or even in the air. Are Cal 7 skateboards good?

Yes, The Cal 7 comes with a 22-inch deck made of high-quality plastic. This is the central part of the board. The deck contains 7 thin veneers of plastic, all glued together with strong epoxy glue to give it a longer life. Using 7 layers allows the skateboard to stay stiff for a long and maintain the shape and stiffness needed for performing tricks.

The plastic deck is lightweight for more comfortable transportation while remaining durable. It is also available in numerous beautiful colors and graphics, so you get to choose what impresses you. The added advantage of its illustrations is that it gives something unique to different age groups. The typical series of Cal 7 assortment includes color blasts and snack attack series.

These models are exceptional not only due to their affordable price but also the graphics, top design, and quality components Built on the raw skate culture, Cal 7 fits of rage that artistic passion with contemporary creativity and inclusivity.

It offers full-quality skateboards including mini and maple skateboards.  Each of their products has a factory design that ignites the passion for skateboarding and is versatile with a classical shape for beginners and professional stability.

How Good Are Cal 7 Skateboards?

Are Cal skateboards Good?

Cal 7 is a versatile skateboard that comes with an elegant shape giving you stability and a flexible sliding ride if you are a pro rider. Beginners will get to enjoy the extra control that this particular board offers you. Now, this begs the question, is Cal 7 a good skateboard brand? Having tried and tested, I will give complex reasons why the board is pretty darn good.

Are Cal 7 Wheels Good?

Are cal 7 wheels Good

The design of these skateboard wheels constitutes polyurethane. They are softer than standard wheels and measure 59mm. The softness serves to absorb more vibrations hence giving a smooth ride along a rough surface. Besides, they are easier to cross the bumps and roll over in the road. Their large size will allow you to ride faster and do tricks. The buoyancy of the Cal 7 wheels makes them ideal for both beginners and pro riders.


cal 7 skateboard Bushings

Bushings are the polythene cylinders found inside the trucks. With their attachment around the deck plate and the kingpin, they can control how a skateboard turns. Cal 7 bushings usually flex side to side and allow you to turn the skateboard while riding. They are so soft, making them ideal for beginners, exceptionally lightweight kids. With the support of these soft bushings, your turns become much smoother and perfect.

Are Cal 7 Trucks Good?


These models come with top quality trucks for optimal performance. These trucks are composed of metals that offer the axles of the board. They measure 3.125-inch aluminum alloy trucks in control of a considerable part of the board feel, how it reacts to the skater and how it turns. The alloy truck’s size is also appropriate with the deck giving more accessible alignments between the outer edge of the deck and the outer edge of wheels.

Cal 7 Bearings

Skateboard truck size chart

Right wheels without superior bearings mean nothing in skateboarding. The Cal 7 bearings allow wheels to spin freely as they measure a seven on the ABEC. They may not be super excellent by they are relatively good. They not only turn perfect but even get better once broken in a bit. Also, they are easy to disassemble and clean once they become dirty.  A good number of riders use red bone bearings and find the ride astonishing.

Good Grip Tape

Without a stable grip tape, it becomes quite difficult for skaters to stay on top of their skateboard. The Cal 7 features a grip tape that goes on the top of the board and offers riders traction to perform tricks. Besides, the grip tape helps to keep riders feet from slipping off while riding. They come in various designs and colors for simple selection. However, a black colored one tends to most grip and long-lasting.


The mini-skateboard only measures 22 inches long. Such a small size makes it highly portable and easy to maneuver. You don’t need to assemble the board as it’s already pre-assembled. The lightweight construction facilitates simple carrying from one working place to another without fatigue.


Cal 7 skateboard comprises Allen essential nuts and bolts that hold the deck to trucks and secure everything tight. There are a few different lengths, and this hardware is known to last longer.

Safety gear

Skateboard Helmet

Safety gear is highly recommendable for beginners. Cal 7 consists of complete safety gear including the helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. This makes it a perfect package, especially for kids. With safety guaranteed, you get time to have fun and skate better. You can read our skateboard helmet article.

Risers and Shock pads

Unlike many skateboards, the Cal 7 cruiser comes with risers are plastic plates which snack between the deck and base plate. They function to prevent wheel bite by successfully raising the deck on the area where the wheel touches the deck. On the other hand, shock pads serve to reduce landing’s impact and skate over bumpy roads.

Cal 7 Cool Design

Cal 7 deck

This skateboards have a concave design and a double kicktail to allow you to do every trick you can think of. Whether you are a hardcore rider, a minimalist, or old school enthusiast looking for a skateboard that makes a statement, this is it! Additionally, the symmetrical Popsicle shape is ideal for skating both street and park.

Final Verdict 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly skateboard with premium features, the Cal 7 skateboard makes a perfect choice. The majority of the skaters find it an excellent penny board alternative without draining off your pockets. With explosive colors and striking patterns, everyone can find something to match their legendary styles. Are Cal 7 skateboards good? This is a good question that requires you to visit the website and get more information about different skateboards’ versatility before purchasing one for use.

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